strategy / creative direction / production / post production

Chopard, Red Carpet

Red carpet collection


In a busy world, a urban adventurer is looking for authentical cultural experiences

RIP CURL, The search

A quest for the modern-day backcountry experience

RENAULT, Alpine A110-50

The new concept car for the Alpine 50th anniversary

TCS, The Jubilee campaign

More than a service offer, a tribute to friendship


Melted ice, the game is on, the challenge starts

FREDERIQUE CONSTANT, FC-723 Réserve de marche

"Where is the answer?" Let's join the engineer's mind and discover his inspirational moment

ALPINA, Alpina Diving

From mountain to water, when sport meets exploration

PATEK PHILIPPE, Father and son

You never actually own a Patek Philippe.  You merely look after it for the next generation

RIP CURL, Gum Series powder

Looking for the powder all around the world

VISILAB, Les plaisirs de la vue

When a good eyesight offers some of the greatest pleasure in the world

JAEGER-LECOULTRE, Historical animated film

"Somewhere on life’s journey one perceives that every myth has an origin"

CHOPARD, The Gentleman’s way

What makes the perfect gentleman? By wearing a L.U.C watch and observing some special guidelines

HOTEL CHETZERON 2112, The next film

It started with a location scouting for a featured film, it ended with a science fiction storytelling promoting this former cable car station turned into a hotel located at 2112 metres. The commercial spot draws inspiration from cinema's code for showcasing the amazing location and the 5-stars services.


One man, one machine

post production

visual effects /
2D & 3D animation /
motion design /
compositing /
color grading /
cleaning /


Craft film

Chopard - The Gentleman’s Way

Parmigiani - Tonda 1950

Parmigiani - Tonda Metro

Chopard - Race

Film Institutionnel

Rip Curl

Catégorie Vidéo

Rado - Captain Cook

Catégorie Film Web

Chopard - The Gentleman’s Way


freestudios is a creative production and post production agency.

we are emotional thinkers and engaged makers, we do believe in the power of creative ideas, we preserve brand value.

over the year we have become a big family gathering around 30 in-house people.

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