Strong brands build experiences
beyond the product,
that stand for something

Le Lab is a place of reinvention.
As technology changes, we change.
We want our clients to do the same.

Emilie Alice Fabrizi - Damien Real
What we do

Brand strategy & visual identity

For web3 companies & brands moving from web2 to web3

Brand experience

A human-first approach based on a deep understanding of your ecosystem to bring together the best of both physical & digital worlds

Brand campaign

Build innovative communications to make you resonate across platforms and culture and build strong connection with your target


Why? Because information is king and knowledge is power, we organize workshops with hybridized expertises on creative solution and strategic breakdowns.

NFTs project

Capture the meta-opportunities that arise in the web3
Strategy, Ideation, Concept, Development & Execution


Who we are

Hybrid thus generous
Enthusiastic thus conscious
Optimistic thus creative
Matter-of-fact thus skillful

We’ve been around for many years, building branding, storytelling, advertising in the 2.0 world to create experiences and contents that matter. We have embedded ourselves in the growing NFT, crypto, DAO and decentralized communities.

Part of our activities is already tied to NFT and metaverse issue: video content and innovative 3D assets.

Emilie Alice Fabrizi

Strategic activist

Damien Real

Creative activist

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