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freestudios welcomed Art Bongard Gallery for the "Visions" exhibition

Sept/Oct 2020: the exhibition braught together contemporary works by five emerging and established artists inspired by light, color, environement and human condition: Adrien Sgandurra, Alexandra Devaux, Christiane Grimm, Mireille Fulpius, Think Utopia

freestudios welcomed the collective Sha22 for their first NTFs exhibition

Oct. 2021, freestudios were excited to welcome the collective Sha22 for their first NFTs exhibition called "An Infinite lapping of wings/Blockchain project". During the opening exhibition, conversations with industry experts Salar Shahna (WorldXR Forum) and Shaban Shaame (EverDreamSoft) took place with simplicity for our greatest delight, making the *vernissage* a beautiful evening full of inspiring encounters. And the *meta*best is yet to come!


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