#shapethechange - Manifesto

a sustainable concept driven by eco-friendly creativity and built on purposeful values
**we shape the change** is a sustainable projet we designed for Alpina Watches. the idea was to bring together all the brand’s initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact on the planet through purposeful partnerships and actions. each of them is embodied within the **tagline #shapethechange** working as the eco-responsible equivalent of "Reach Your Summit".

**Alpina** and the Swiss brand **Wood'nShape** is the first collaboration, resulting in the “Ugly Beauty” series of three handcrafted eco-friendly wooden surfboards, staged in a global campaign (World Ocean Day activation). the campaign is attached to raise awareness of the environmental issues surrounding non-recyclable materials, the clogging of the oceans with plastic waste, and the alternative measures to be adopted, such as upcycling, educating the younger generation, and finding the right balance between innovation and preservation. online, the movies received more than **2 millions views**, reached 3 millions people. watch average duration: Manifesto: 1’35 – Making Of: 1’41 - Lifestyle 1: 14’’

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