F. Constant

Frederique Constant


An urban, elegant, athletic, young person characterizes the carrier. In fact, he is dressed, with a suit and tie, in a trendy style, and he goes to work in a peculiar way: instead of taking a transport (bus, car …) he does “freestyle” running. The locations consists of very stylish urban architectures, where our main character (his watch in his wrist) crosses by jumping and doing spectacular somersaults, with sudden speed changes, from extreme slow-motion to high-speed.
The horological setting is represented by a mysterious space where we distinguish the silhouette of the watchmaker, althoughthe watch is certainly the real protagonist, and the one that will be highlighted. We shoot macro close-ups of its elaboration, its assembling, and also once the piece is finished.
In order to link these two settings, not only we do transitions that metaphorically may play with similarities (space, movement, etc), but also a modern infographic treatment with keywords, present all over the film, will support the image.


Frederique Constant
Olivier Pictet
directeur de la photographie
Olivier Pictet
directeur de la photographie caméra phantom
Elie Levé
post production

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