Ernest Borel

Ernest Borel


Nineteenth century in the Jura Mountains. Winters are long and hard.
Despite the advancements of the Industrial Revolution, transportation and logistics are still rudimentary.
During these trying times, a man of pioneering vision manages to stand out from the crowd, making a name for himself.
The man is Jules Borel, founder of the Ernest Borel brand.
Known throughout the world as the «Model of Swiss Couple Watches», Ernest Borel has received countless awards for the quality and precision of its timepieces.
The brand continues to uphold its values right up to the present day.
As Production Director, my role is to ensure that each Ernest Borel watch created in our modern workshop is produced to the highest level of craftsmanship, based on our 160-year-know-how.
Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, our highly skilled watchmakers seamlessly combine the traditions of a rich heritage with the most modern manufacturing techniques to design, produce, and control our timepieces.
The most important step of the manufacturing process sees our master watchmaker assemble the escapement. This vital step will breathe life into the timepiece that is to accompany its owner throughout their lifetime.
We are proud today to continue upholding the high standards and craftsmanship that have inspired our brand since its beginnings. A story that began 160 years ago.
A tale rich in tradition and craft, told by each Ernest Borel timepiece.


Ernest Borel
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